Air conditioning

For good reasons, air conditioning is the most used heating and cooling method in Spain. Air conditioners are relatively inexpensive and do not require complicated installations. They are efficient and can produce both warm and cool air. At the same time, they can improve air quality and dehumidify the air.

Air conditioners are becoming more energy efficient with A ++ and A +++ labels and make less and less noise. Almost all air conditioners are equipped with an attractive design and handy smartphone app.

For every situation

Split models: 1 to 5 indoor units on 1 outdoor unit

Air duct models: These models blow air through prefabricated air ducts.

Ceiling models: These models are placed in the ceiling instead of on the wall.

Are you looking for a different type of airco? Contact us or visit our showroom. We have been installing airconditioning in Spain since 1994.