Grid-connected Solar Panels

Grid-connected solar panels: Electricity from your own roof with grid injection and reimbursements. 

Grid-connected solar panels are an interesting method to significantly reduce your energy bill. A previous obligation to pay indirectly for the produced electricity has been canceled since April 2019. You will now even be reimbursed for the electricity that you send back to the power-grid. Even more interesting is it though, to use as much self-generated electricity yourself.

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grid-connected solar panels diagram

How do grid-connected solar panels work?

With grid-connected systems, the electricity from the solar panels is converted into alternating current by an inverter and injected directly into the electricity grid of your home. If you use electricity at that time, your house will use your self-produced solar energy. If you use more than you produce, the missing energy is automatically replenished by the main electricity grid. If you have more production than you use, this energy goes back into the main electricity grid. For this returned electricity you will be reimbursed by your electricity supplier.

The single and three-phase inverters and smart meters that we use are generally from the Austrian Fronius and the Chinese Huawei.

The solar panels we use are monocrystalline panels with an efficiency of 20% or higher and depending on the available space we choose 60-cell or 72-cell panels. We constantly follow the markets in search for the best solar panels with the best price / quality / efficient ratio and we work exclusively with A brands.

All-in-one grid-connected solar panels kits

Our all-in-one grid-connected solar panel kit contains all necessary A-brand components, the installation of the system and the necessary paperwork (registration of the system and legalisation of the grid injection). These services are provided by our experienced installers with the appropriate licenses to legally install and register solar installations in Spain.

Our standard packages include:

  • Inverter
  • Solar panels
  • Smart meter
  • Smartphone application (smartphone, tablet and laptop / pc)
  • Materials for roof mounting (sloping and flat), gardens and terraces
  • Necessary electrical and network components
  • Installation and configuration
  • Registration of the system and legalization of the grid injection
  • Informative support for energy contracts and energy suppliers

Optional additions

Battery storage

Instead of feeding energy back into the main grid, it is also possible to store excess energy  in one or more batteries. You use this energy at times with little or no sunlight. Battery storage is optional with our grid-connected systems. Our hybrid inverters offer the possibility to add battery storage to the system at a later stage.

In the event of a power failure of the main electricity grid, these batteries cannot power your home unless a UPS solution is used.

UPS (uninterrupted power supply) solution

This system is intended to directly maintain power for certain circuits in the home or throughout the whole home in the event of a power failure. This system is often installed in areas where the main electricity grid is not stable.

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What are the advantages?

  • A significantly lower energy bill
  • You use clean energy
  • Grid-connected solar panels can be installed almost anywhere
  • Grid-connected solar panel systems have long guarantees
  • Grid-connected solar panels require little maintenance (mainly cleaning)
  • With the help of an app you get a complete picture of your energy consumption

Smartphone, tablet and laptop / pc applications

All our grid connected solar panel systems come with an app with which you can view data about the system. These days, the apps can provide much more information than just the production and give you an excellent picture of your overall energy consumption. The apps can be used on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.

With the app  you can view the following data (live, per day, month, year and total):

  • Production of the solar panels
  • The power consumption
  • The injected energy
  • Various diagrams and overviews about the system
  • Export data for further use
  • (charging) status of the battery (s) if present
app solar power systems

Energy contracts and energy suppliers

Interesting with grid-connected solar panels is to have a day/night rate contract. During the day you use as much electricity from the solar panels as possible and in the evening / night hours you use electricity from the grid at the night rate (approx. 50% cheaper). With some suppliers you can also opt for an 8-hour contract. This works via an app where you can indicate which 8 hours you want the lower electricity rate. We are happy to help you switch or change your energy contract.

Registration and legalization

In Spain grid-connected solar panel systems must be registered and the return of energy to the main electricity grid must be legalised. This is mandatory in all cases and involves a lot of administration work. Solar Power Systems attaches great importance to the careful implementation of this. We do not register and legalize third party systems.


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