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Off-grid Solar panels

Off-grid solar panels: Completely independent

If you want to produce your own electricity and to be completely independent of energy suppliers, this is possible with an off-grid system. Often you have no other choice with a house where no electricity connection is possible or when realising a connection is too expensive.

During the day, the panels charge the batteries (direct current) and the inverter turns this into 230V (alternating current). The system can supply electricity day and night and the capacity depends on the energy requirement.

What do off-grid solar panels systems consist off?

A standard off-grid solar panel system contains the following (main) components:

  • Solar panels
  • Inverter
  • Charge controller
  • Battery bank

The charge controllers and inverters that Solar Power Systems uses are generally from the Dutch brand Victron Energy and our most used (lead-acid) batteries are mainly from the German brand Hoppecke. When using generators, we work with the Spanish Technics Carpi.


Advantages of off-grid solar panels?

  • No energy bills
  • You only use clean energy
  • You do not have to realise an expensive power connection
  • You are completely independent of energy suppliers
  • Even with a big main grid failure you have electricity
  • Off-grid systems can be installed almost anywhere
  • Off-grid solar panel systems have long guarantees
  • Off-grid solar panels require little maintenance (mainly cleaning)
  • No bureaucratic hassle required

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