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Solar panels

Solar panels appear on more and more roofs in Spain after recent legislative changes. An investment in solar panels can now be earned back after a few years, after which you will have free electricity from your own roof.

Why Solar Panels?

A lower energy bill
Solar panels will significantly lower your energy bill

Renewable energy
Solar panels only use clean and free sunlight

Excellent investment
Earn your system back within a few years after which you can enjoy free electricity from your own roof.

Easy to install
Solar panels can easily be installed anywhere.

Long warranties
5 to 10 year standard warranty on inverters and 12 year warranty on solar panels.

Little to no maintenance
Solar panels require no maintenance and only need to be cleaned occasionally.

Useful apps
In addition to the electricity production of the solar panels, the apps provide a lot of information about the system and the electricity consumption of your home.

How do grid-connected solar panels work?

Solar panels capture sunlight and produce direct current (DC). An inverter converts this direct current into alternating current (AC), the type of electricity we use in our homes.

As soon as the sun rises and the solar panels start generating electricity, your house will start using this electricity immediately. If the solar panels do not supply enough electricity, the system will take additional electricity from the grid.

When the solar panels supply more electricity than your house needs, the excess electricity will be injected into the grid. You will receive a reimbursement for this returned electricity.

The used and injected electricity is measured by a smart meter. This information is passed on to the inverter and you can read this data on your smartphone or tablet.

Optionally, the excess electricity can be stored in one or more batteries, so that when there is no sunlight, you can still use your self-generated electricity.

Are you looking for an off-grid (standalone system with battery storage, not connected to the main power-grid)? Please contact us.

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What type of solar panels are there?

Solar panels come in different types. The most common types are polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels. Polycrystalline solar panels are usually blue, slightly cheaper and slightly less efficient than the usually darker monocrystalline solar panels. The quality differences between the two types are generally small.

At Solar Power Systems we mainly work with monocrystalline solar panels from Jinko Solar, the best-selling solar panels in the world, with a standard 12-year warranty. Depending on the available space, we mainly work with:

Jinko Solar Cheetah – 320W – Monocrystalline – 60 cells – PERC – 19.68% efficiency – 100x165cm
Jinko Solar Cheetah – 400W – Monocrystalline – 72 cells – PERC – HC – 19.88% efficiency – 100x200cm

How many solar panels do I need?

We help you!
Determining how many panels you need and how much electricity you want to produce can be difficult. If you need help with this, we can always help you. We always ask for your energy bill, so that we can see what your average consumption is.

Don’t think too big
We recommend choosing a system related to your consumption. Despite the fact that the excess electricity produced can be injected into the grid (with reimbursement), the payback time is shorter when the system is configured for your average power consumption.

If you think you will use more electricity in the future (think of extra air conditioners, heat pump, pool heating, etc.), we would advise a more powerful inverter. A stronger inverter means that you will be able to extend with more solar panels in the future.

Average consumption in Spain
The average electricity consumption of a Spanish home without a swimming pool is approximately 8 kWh per 24 hours. This is an average of apartments and villas, so this can vary considerably with your situation. Therefore always consult your electricity bill or contact us.

Your pool always uses electricity
If you are not in your home in Spain all year round, you have a low electricity consumption for a few months per year. However, your pool pump is a large consumer in your home and must run all year round. A small solar panel system can therefore also be an interesting investment for people that are only in Spain for a couple of months per year. It is also possible to replace your swimming pool pump with a solar swimming pool pump. The solar-powered pool pump keeps your pool clean throughout the year through three or four solar panels which are directly connected to the direct-current solar pool pump. In addition to the fact that your swimming pool pump no longer uses electricity, your swimming pool will also be filtered considerably longer. For more information, contact us or visit our website.

Average yield in Spain
To calculate the production of solar panels quickly and easily, you can use the following calculation. Please note, this calculation applies only to the Costa Blanca region and gives your the average production. In summer the production will be higher, and in winter it will be lower.

10 solar panels of 400W = 4 kWp

4 kW x 0,8 (efficiency factor) = 3,2 kW

3,2 kW x 6 = 19,2 kWh per day

19,2 kWh x 365 days = approx. 7.000 kWh per year

Solar Panels Installation

Solar panels can be placed in various ways. They can be installed on inclined roofs, flat roofs, on terraces and in gardens. When placing the panels we pay attention to the following:

Slope angle
The slope angle influences the yield. An angle of about 35 degrees is optimal, but the loss of efficiency with slightly steeper or less steeper placement is small (less than 10%).

Solar panels can be best oriented to the south, but if the panels are directed to the (south) east or (south) west, the slightly lower yield of 5 to 15% can certainly still be profitable.

Shadow and optimizers
Solar panels generate the most when they are completely in the sun. If there are shadows from, for example, a chimney, we recommend optimizers. Optimizers will make sure that the panels that are in the sun, will not be affected by solar panels that are in the shade. For more information about optimizers, please contact us.

When the panels are placed on sloping roofs, they are placed close to each other. When the panels are installed on flat roofs, on terraces or in gardens, there is a space between the panels so that the panels can never stand in each other’s shadow.

Sloping roof tiles
We work with rails on inclined roofs. We drill a hole in the roof tile with a diamond drill and drill through the roof tile and the “bardo” (red stones which are usually used under the roof tiles in Spain). Here we insert a threaded pin and then the hole is sealed around with a two components water-tight adhesive. Rails are mounted onto the pin and the panels are placed on these rails.

Flat roofs, terraces and gardens
When the panels are placed on a flat surface, we work with ajustable prefab concrete blocks.

solar power systems prefab

We always check the situation before installation. In addition to the available space, we check your power connection and fuse box. We use google maps, physical measurements or drones to calculate the available space.

Handy smartphone / tablet apps

All our grid-connected solar panel systems come with handy apps that provide you with a lot of information about the system and your electricity usage.

  • Check what your system generates
  • Check how much electricity you supplied back to the grid
  • Check how much electricity you take from the grid
  • Check how much electricity your house uses
  • View informative schemes about your system
  • View the specifications of your system
  • Export data for further use
  • Check the status and the battery percentage of your battery

In our showroom we would be happy to give you a demo of the app.

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Battery storage solar power systems
Battery storage

With most of the inverter we install, it is possible to connect one or more lithium-ion batteries to the system. This can be done immediately or at a later time. Batteries can be charged during the day, so you can use this electricity at a later time (without sunlight).

The LG CHEM Resu Lithium-ion battery has a beautiful design and is available in a 6.6 kW and a 9.3 kW version. Via the same app that you use for the solar panel system, you can also see the condition and status of the battery. For more information about battery storage, please contact us.

Energy contracts

When using grid-connected solar panels, it is a wise decision in almost all cases to switch to a day / night energy contract. With this type of contract you no longer pay a single amount per kWh, but you pay two different amounts per kWh during the night or during the day. Instead of a fixed amount of 14 cents per kWh (for example), you pay 10 cents per kWh during the night and 18 cents per kWh during the day. Because the solar panels will provide you with power during the day and there is no sunlight during the night, this contract is ideal for solar panel owners.

In addition to a day / night contract, it is also possible to opt for an eight-hour contract. With this type of contract you can choose eight hours in which you pay a lower rate than in the other 16 hours. Of course we choose the eight hours with the most power consumption during times without sunlight.

We can understand that it can be difficult to change your contract in Spain. Solar Power Systems distinguishes herself by helping its customers to perfection in this area. Do you find communication with the Iberdrola difficult or do you prefer not to do this yourself? The we would gladly help you with this!

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Registration and legalization

In Spain, solar panel systems must be registered and the injection of electricity into the grid must be legalized. This is mandatory in all cases and requires a lot of paperwork and time.

There is a lot of uncertainty about this registration and legalization aspect and that is why Solar Power Systems has invested a lot of time into this. All our systems include the complete registration and legalization of the system.

We do not install, register or legalize systems of third-parties. For more information, please contact us.

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