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Solar Pool Lighting

Swimming pool lighting without electricity costs, without risk of leakage, without cabling and very easy to install? This is possible with solar pool lighting! Solar swimming pool lighting is a great alternative to expensive, difficult to install, normal swimming pool lighting. It offers many more advantages over normal lighting and is perfect for the Costa Blanca.

How does solar pool lighting work?

Solar pool lighting works via solar energy. Photovoltaic cells capture sunlight underwater and convert this into electricity. This electricity is stored in a high quality lithium-ion battery. When it gets dark, the light switches on automatically via a built-in light sensor.

The lamps provide one hour of light per hour that they have charged in the sun. On average, the lamp provides an illuminated swimming pool with 320 lumens for seven hours.

Because the lamps work on solar energy, no electricity is consumed from the grid, which means that from now on your swimming pool lighting is always free. The lights turn on every night and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off. The lamps work with a voltage of less than 4 volts, so that no dangerous situations can arise.

One lamp can illuminate an area of ​​approximately 15 to 20 meters. They are suitable for both chlorinated and salt water and are robot-proof. The lamps can be installed on almost any type of surface.

Why solar pool lighting?

Easy installation

You do not have to partially deflate the pool to install the lights. The lamp can be placed in less than a minute.

No costs

The lamps only use clean and free sunlight, so they have no costs.

No risk of leakage

No cabling is required, which means that the lamp cannot cause leakages.

How are they placed?

Placing the lamps is very easy. There is no need to drill and no water from the pool has to be drained. The lamp is applied via an included underwater adhesive. We supply two tubes of adhesive with each lamp, in case you would like to move the lamp later.

The lamps are installed as follows:

1: Before applying, remove the sticker on the back of the lamp. This will activate the light sensor.

2: Open the tube of adhesive and apply it to the back of the lamp.

3: Look carefully at what height you want to mount the lamp and have someone on the other side see if the lamp is placed horizontally straight.

4: Press the lamp onto the wall of the swimming pool and hold the lamp for half a minute. Allow the lamp about a full day to fully charge.

solar pool lighting solar power systems 3
Materials, certification and warranty

The solar pool lamps are made of high-quality materials and components and meet the RoHs certification. The seamless encapsulation in solid state and without air ensures high performance of both solar energy reception and watertightness. The lamps have a 2 year warranty and are designed and made in Spain.


Solar pool lamp – Moonlight White (White light): € 215 (incl. IVA and shipping costs)

Solar pool lamp – Night Blue (Blue light): € 245 (incl. IVA and shipping costs)


Automatic on / off

Lithium ion battery


320 lumens

1.2 kg

Diameter 310 mm

Easy installation

Adhesive included

Chlorinated and salt water

Robot proof

No cabling

Designed and made in Spain





In the box

Solar pool lamp

2 tubes of adhesive

Installation manual

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