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Solar Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are one of the larger energy consumers in every house with a swimming pool. This energy consumption can be reduced to 100% with a solar-powered swimming pool pump. Solar pool pumps are therefore one of the most cost-effective and logical applications of solar energy.

Lower electricity bills

The most obvious reason to purchase a solar pool pump is that when you use a solar pool pump you no longer need to spend money on electricity. Secondly, a solar pool pump will always work, even when the power goes out for a longer period of time.

Holiday homes and solar pool pumps

A normal swimming pool pump always uses electricity. Even when you are not in Spain for many months per year. Solar swimming pool pumps are therefore an excellent option for people that are only in their homes for a couple of months per year.

Filtering during sunlight

A solar pool pump runs all day as long as there is sunlight. The pump starts working as soon as the sun rises and stops when the sun goes down. This means that your pool will be filtered throughout the day instead of a few hours.

More water and less chlorine

Because the solar pool pump works all day, your water is in motion all day. This ensures that bacteria and viruses can develop less quickly and that less chlorine has to be used.

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