Solar Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are one of the larger energy consumers in every house with a swimming pool. This energy consumption can be reduced to 100% with a solar-powered swimming pool pump. Solar pool pumps are therefore one of the most cost-effective and logical applications of solar energy.

solar pool pumps

No energy costs

The most obvious reason to purchase a solar pool pump is of course that you no longer have any energy costs from your pool pump. Secondly, a solar pool pump will always work, even when the power from the main power grid is cut off for a long time.

Holiday homes and solar pool pumps

A normal pool pump always uses electricity, even if you are not in Spain for a long time. Solar pool pumps are therefore an excellent option for those who are not in their homes in Spain all year round.

Filtration during sunlight and less chlorine

A solar pool pump works all day long, as long as there is sufficient sunlight. The pump will start working as soon when there is enough sunlight and will stop when there is no longer enough sunlight. This means that your pool will be filtered considerably longer than with a normal pump. Because your water is moving all day, bacteria and viruses are less likely to develop and because of this, less chlorine will have to be used.

Advantages and features

  • No energy costs
  • DC pool pumps have a longer lifespan than AC pool pumps
  • Quiet and efficient
  • Less chlorine
  • More water movement
  • More filtration than with a normal pump
  • Also energy without main power grid
  • Easy to install
  • Designed in Germany
  • Robust materials
  • With MPPT technology