Solar Pool Pumps

Pool pumps are one of the bigger energy users in  any Spanish home. This energy usage can be reduced greatly by using a solar pool pump. Solar pool pumps are one of the most cost-effective and logical uses of solar energy.

Lower electricity bills

First and probably the most obvious, running a solar pool pump means you don’t have to spend any money on your electricity bill to keep your pump running at all times. Secondly, solar pool pumps will always run, even when there is a power cut.

Solar pool pump solar power systems pv

Runs during sunlight

A normal pool pump often runs a couple of hours during the night, during the cheaper electricity night tariff. A solar pool pumps will run all day, as long as there is sunlight. The pump will start running in the morning and stop running in the evening.  This means that your pool is being clean all day long, instead of a couple of hours. This will result in a much cleaner pool.

More water movement and less chlorine

Because the solar pool pump runs a lot more than a normal pool pump, you pool water will ‘’move’’ a lot more. This does not just look nice all day, but will also cause bacteria and viruses to not grow. A very pleasant advantage of this is healthier water and less chlorine that will have to be used.

220V backup

The solar pool pumps have a backup connection to work with normal 220V electricity instead of electricity via the solar panels. We call this the ‘’back-up’’ connection, because normally you will not use this a lot. However, when the weather is bad and there is not a lot of sunlight, you will still be able to vacuum clean your pool.

Smartphone application

This pump comes with a smartphone application that connects via Bluetooth. With the app you can:

  • Check the pump status
  • Control and edit programs
  • Control and edit functions
  • Check energy usage

Holiday homes and solar pool pumps

Many people that aren’t in the homes all year, will turn off certain systems in their home to save electricity. You can do this with many things, but not with your pool pump. After all, you don’t want to come back in Spain to a green pool. This means that your pool pump will always have to run, even when you are not home for months, while constantly using electricity. With a solar pool pump, you will have no more electricity usage and you will not receive any more high electricity bills , even when you haven’t been in the house for a long time.

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