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Solar Water Heating

The production of hot water is one of the largest costs for every home or business. Solar water heating can reduce these costs by up to 70% using clean and free sunlight.

The advantages of solar water heating

Solar boilers only use free and clean sunlight

Lower bills
Solar boilers can reduce your bills by up to 70%

No more gas bottles
No more clumsy gas bottles or ugly gas tanks

Long lifespan
Solar boilers have a guaranteed hot water production of up to 20 years.

Easy to install
Solar boilers can easily be installed almost anywhere.

Excellent investment
Solar boilers can be earned back within three years.

Ideal region
The Costa Blanca is an ideal region for the use of solar boilers.

How does solar water heating work?

Solar water heaters are simple systems that are used to heat up water. Special solar panels, called solar collectors (not solar PV panels for electricity generation), are installed on the roof or in the garden. These collectors (usually one, two or three) collect heat from the sun and use this to heat water. This hot water is stored in a tank and is immediately available for every household use.

Is my house suitable for solar water heating?

Almost every house or building is suitable for solar water heating. All you need is a space on your roof or in your garden of approximately three to four square meters, with a view to the south, east or west.

Compact roof system

Compact roof systems are the most common solar water heating systems. With this system, both the solar collectors and the tank are placed on the roof or in the garden. This eliminates the need for a pump and other hydraulic elements, thereby simplifying the overall installation.

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Split system

With split systems, the solar collectors are placed on the roof or in the garden and the tank is placed inside the house or business. This reduces the aesthetic impact of the installation because there is no tank on the roof or in the garden. Since the tank can be placed at different locations, it can be placed closer to the main distribution points, allowing faster access to the hot water.

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Drain-back system

A drain-back system automatically empties the solar collectors and pipes when the system is switched off or when the collector temperature exceeds a specific temperature limit. A circulation pump shuts itself off and gravity drains the water to the storage tank and heat exchanger. The durability and reliability of the system are largely explained by the use of gravity instead of pressure and glycol.

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